Monday, April 23, 2012

After His Heart

In the recent months I have been vigorously seeking to know God in a deep way. In several facet of my life He is teaching me how to hear Him, how to notice His voice above all else. My eyes have been opened to different ways of communicating with the Lord. It has made me realize that communicating with Him is not just rambling on about my needs and wants it is also carefully listening to what He wants  for me.  It is such an overwhelming feeling to be prayerfully seeking something and sit here in my chair and feel God’s arms wrapped around me. It is like he is saying to me, “I hear you and I’ve got you”!   As I grow closer and closer to Him I find myself worshipping in the oddest places, talking to Him constantly and reaching for His word all the time. So many times, the word I get from Him will come back to me in Sunday’s sermon or during a conversation with a friend.   I was driving to work last week while listening to the Christian radio station. A song came on and I started to sing. As I sang, I made that song my prayer. I told God I loved Him and asked Him to just love on me for a moment. Have you ever had that time in your car? I am still trying to figure out how to drive while raising my hands and see through my tears. Tears of overflowing joy of course! If your close to Him, if your seeking Him, you can worship Him no matter where you are. Praise God!   In our bible study Sunday morning we were speaking of the habits of a disciple. The one we learned about this past Sunday was living a Spirit-led life. Some people get scared when that word “spirit” comes up. I used to as well. I have always known there is a trinity and that the Holy Spirit is the third part of that trinity. But I never knew exactly why. I knew the purpose of the other two portions but not the spirit. I know so much more about him now and I love to experience even more. I love his presence. I will feel his presence after just sitting at work praising God for a few minutes. We can call on him and he will appear to us. How comforting. That is what the Bible says he is anyway, a comforter (John 14:16). The Holy Spirit will speak to me and he will speak through me!