Monday, August 29, 2011

Cake Batter makes it Better

Last Spring when I had my miscarriage some very good friends brought me some very awesome treats. Since then I have searched high and low for one of these treats with no luck. Until now!!!! I had to make a rare Monday night grocery store trip and low and behold I found it!

This ice cream made my days a lot better back then and made my day today that much better!!! I looooovvveeee it, and that is all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's the Litte Things

These are the things that are annoying me right now...

The overflowing dirty clothes hamper along with never ending folding and putting away of clean clothes. Not to mention the sheets and towels.

The Direct TV receiver in my bedroom blinking that stupid little blue light for the last two days. Plus the fact that it means it is not working and I can't watch my TV.

The fact that the new bike I got won't fit the seat for Presley to ride on. And the other seats cost more than this one and so, now what?!

How about the whole leaving one church and going to another therefore losing your core group of friends (or at least the closeness). On top of knowing that your husband is going on yet another four wheeling trip in two months before I could even squeeze a trip of my own in.

Possibly the most important (and the reason why these things are annoying me) is that my sleep has been interrupted, at best, every night for the last two weeks. Dog barking, husband snoring, toddler awaking (and screaming and totally flipping out), thunder, aforementioned blue, blinky light, and child with headache/eye ache. Just to name a few.

Maybe it's that in order to have a girls night out you have to first have the girls part.

I think I hear my Bible calling me name. Some encouragement from the Lord will make this go away!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh! The Wisdoms I Could Share!!!

When the enemy's surrounding me

He comes to steal my joy, my peace

I let go of my reasoning and fall upon the Rock!

The Lord works in mighty, mighty ways. He is so big and so good. He has blessed my heart tremendously this weekend. He is working on this girl and in this family. And I, for one, am so excited to see the things He has for us.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey, It Happens!

I realize that we all get annoyed from time to time. I get that we are all going to lose our patience at some point in life. So, get this people, I know that what I am feeling and going through will pass. But let me tell you all about it. Well, maybe I will spare some of the really hateful details but this is how it goes.
I cannot express to you how many times I have repeated myself in the last week, no, the last two days. I am sick of talking to some people in this house and them not listening to me. Therefore requiring me to peat and repeat!! I just told Daniel and Triston what I packed for them for their one night camping trip three times. And get this, they still asked me what I packed. R.e.a.l.l.y? Really? I got an idea if you would stop, look away from the TV, and listen to me then that would have saved me a lot of time and breath. But you wouldn't know to do that because you wouldn't listen to me tell you to do that! Ugh!
Also, why do you call into work and say you are not feeling well. Then say that you will come in at noon. Then walk in the door at 9:00?? I don't get that. Are you sick or just lazy or stupid?? Sorry, just the way I am feeling!
So, these things combined with the new condescending teacher Presley has and the employer that wants you to "give a damn" just make me ornery. Ya know? It would do that to you too, I bet!
I just figured it out...see, Daniel and Tris are going on their one night camping trip and my mom, grandmother and I are going to a women's conference. That is why I am so irritable. Because God is about to break it down for me!! He is about to put me in my place and right now He is preparing my heart for that. My human nature is to reject it and focus on anything that Satan can get me to focus on. Now it all makes sense! Well, thanks bloggy world for helping me figure that out. Maybe I should blog more often and I would have my whole life figured out!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weddings and Fireworks

Remember how my camera was missing? Well, it's back! And now I have to play catch up on my pictures. First, there was the Fourth of July celebrations (along with an 85th birthday party)! That celebration included sweet this one. Baby Avie if you ask Presley.

See this couple? They are the glue. And "he" is the 85 year old!!!

Another, sometimes sweet, baby!!

And one night we met up with some friends and watched fireworks (on the side of the road, mind you)!! Every picture that I took this night ended up with Presley's eyes closed!

You remember me talking about this pretty lady? Well, she is my bestie! My BFF! My sister from another mother!! We met in second grade and have been solid ever since. Anyway she got married in June and it was aboslutely wonderful. She looked amazing. Here are just a few snapshots of her big day!!

And we danced!!!