Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weddings and Fireworks

Remember how my camera was missing? Well, it's back! And now I have to play catch up on my pictures. First, there was the Fourth of July celebrations (along with an 85th birthday party)! That celebration included sweet this one. Baby Avie if you ask Presley.

See this couple? They are the glue. And "he" is the 85 year old!!!

Another, sometimes sweet, baby!!

And one night we met up with some friends and watched fireworks (on the side of the road, mind you)!! Every picture that I took this night ended up with Presley's eyes closed!

You remember me talking about this pretty lady? Well, she is my bestie! My BFF! My sister from another mother!! We met in second grade and have been solid ever since. Anyway she got married in June and it was aboslutely wonderful. She looked amazing. Here are just a few snapshots of her big day!!

And we danced!!!

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