Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Turkey Cookie Time!

I found what looked to be an easy recipe for sugar cookies decorated as turkeys. So, we decided to attempt this. Knowing the Betty Crocker that I am not...I was hopeful this would not be stressful or turn out terribly!! So here we are working on them...

And the finished product...

All things considered I think they turned out great. And FYI...they taste good too!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bitter Sweet

I told my brother yesterday that if they won their game last night I would write another blog entry about them. Well, for the effort they put out to winning the game (I am sure it was just so I would write about them!) I will make an exception. They faced a team that they usually get "molly-whopped" (my new word) by. Their school is intense, their fans are intense, their coach is very intense, heck even their uniforms are intense! Our boys made the best effort I have seen all year. They did it all well for the most part. They got all emotional and worked up towards the end and just couldn't close it. It was such a close game and I am very proud of the way they played. Their effort just proves that we are closer and closer to pulling off a win in the near future! Go Blue Devils!!

Also, I went for my re-do ultrasound yesterday and the news, so far, was much better. The radiologist still has to read it but the tech was confident this one was better. She showed me her aorta so we know that is there!! She also said that the head was up a little higher this time and that should enable him to get better reads and measurements! Some other side notes of was incredibly awesome...we saw her yawning! We were looking at her face, which ow has soft tissue and looks so much more real, and she opened so wide to yawn and closed so gently. It was the most precious thing I have seen thus far. We have beautfiul pictures of her smiling and of her profile...I still think she has my nose! The tech told us that she now weighs one pound and twelve ounces! It is somewhat terrifying to know that I feel her this much now and she is that little...I just can't wait until she is six pounds and kicking me!!! I will do my best to get the new ultrasound pictures uploaded soon.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, finally, I have the time, the energy and the news to write about!! I have several things to share actually. First thing is first...Triston had his football banquet last week and got a really cool trophy and athletic bag. He was very excited to see his football friends. We also had a doctor's appointment on Thursday. It was a fun, long one. It was for my gestational diabetes screening. Just so you I will explain the procedure. They give you a bottle of very sugary flavored (badly) water. You have 10 minutes to drink the drink then you wait for an hour. In the meantime, I had my 25 week check-up. I have officially gained 14 pounds. Yuck! That sounds like too much to me but the doctor is not phased so I won't be either. I got to hear Presley's heartbeat again today and it was pounding away at 153 times a minute. I am sure it was from that sugary drink she had just consumed!! So, the check-up concluded and everything appeared fine. Then I waited some more and finally went back to have blood drawn. They draw your blood to check your levels and make sure you are producing enough insulin to metabolize the sugar consumption. go home and yet again, WAIT. I heard back from the doctorthe next day and turns out my levels were too high. And now I have to go back for a three hour screening. This is where they give you twice the amount of the sugary drink and they take your blood every hour for three hours. Can you say pin cushion?! My nurse continued on (never a good sign) and informed me that I am anemic and I will have to start taking Iron supplements. I am not really excited about that. I also go back to the doctor today for my re-do ultrasound. We have our fingers crossed that they will find her aorta and she will have wonderful measurements on her skull. I am sure it will all be fine, after all, God is in control!!
Let's see, lastly, we had some fun yesterday. Daniel played in the Turkey Bowl at church. For thsoe that don't know, the Turkey Bowl is a flag football tournament with the small groups from our church. We also invite some guest out of church to play as an outreach project as well. We had a good turn out and Daniel's team did really well. They made it to the semi-finals and got beat (by the Pastor's team!). They all played well and I am sure will feel the effects of it today! As for me and Tris, I was bundled up in the car and he convinced Grandma to take him home early!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

24 weeks and counting

This week has been quite the uneventful week other than some exciting basketball games and the other same 'ol, same 'ol stuff! We did update our pregnancy shots this week though. My stomach has certainly gained in girth! The sad thing is I used to be able to stick my stomach out to look just like this before I was pregnant and look at me now!!! So, here are some shots of the "new look".

I also have had time to take some pictures of our bedding we got for Presley! She is going to sleep so well in her crib with her little lady bug friends!

We are hoping that the rain stays away for us to make it to the high school's football playoff game! Then tomorrow is a big day with Triston's football banquet. Oh, and I guess I shouldn't leave out Daniel's new toy...I can hardly contain my excitement!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1-0 BABY!!! Undefeated...for now!

I am so happy to announce that my brother's basketball team, WHMS, is officially undefeated!! Ok, before the cheers get too out of hand they have only played one full game!! But let me just explain that his football team this year only won one game the whole season and his basketball team last year, well let's just say that this is a new year! So, we are so pumped that the basketball team is doing better so far.

Anyway, they played Rucker Stewart last night and boy was it an exciting one. Rucker led by one point at halftime. It was a very emotional game his boys really pulled together and just showed that they wanted it more than the other team. They had some miscues that is for sure. But they were able to put this game in the victory colomn with a 40-35 score.

I am really happy for the guys and Brian in that this puts a great outlook on the rest of the season. They needed to start the season off with some confidence. I will hopefully be able to pull off some pictures of some of the games but I was not prepared last night. I do know that they have one excellent cheerleader in the crowd, Triston said he was the reason that the other team missed one of their free throw shots!!! So, keep up the good work guys and get your hands up!!!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crack of dawn...

This morning Triston and Daniel got up at the "crack of dawn" to get to Knoxville for the UT vs. Wyoming game. Some of our good friends let us use their tickets for the game and we are soooo appreciative!! Unfortunately, our Vols could not pull out a victory for us but they still seem to have had a good time. Here are some pics of them...

Friday my dad went to eat lunch with Triston for Grandparent's luncheon and Triston informed my dad that he and his daddy were going to have to get up at the "crack of dawn" to get to the game today!!! They repeat everything they hear don't they!

Meanwhile, while I had the day to myself, mom and I went shopping. The current condition of my closet was not matching the current condition of my body! So, we fixed that today with some new options and I love them. We also did some "wishlisting" for Presley. We created our baby registry at Target today. That was very exciting and fun. We can't wait for her to be here to use all of these things though.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Top of the Sixth...

Well, I would say we have made it to second and waiting on the next pitch!!

With my baseball analogy I am talking about our little blessing on the way. We are over half way there and we are just waiting for the next big move. She is growing am I! That part is not so exciting! But I am dealing with it. We do have a big month in November. Presley has lots of appointments scheduled! (Oh, in case you didn't know we have decided on a name, Presley, and we are still tossing around the middle name) But we are scheduled with the doctor on the 20th for the diabetes screening. I hear that is a yummy drink to swallow!! We are praying that goes well. Then on the 24th, we have our second/re-do ultrasound scheduled. Presley's Nana will be joining us for that one!!! We are hoping for better results this time. Hopefully, she is positioned in a way that will allow them to measure her skull and see her aorta this time. She is my daughter we do expect her to be somewhat difficult!!! She is a very active little lady. Always kicking and squirming! That seems to be all the latest with her anyway...and that is plenty for 'ol Mom and Dad to handle trust me!!! We will do our best to keep everyone updated.

Got Him!!!!

Tag team!!! That is right with the help of Triston's mom we teamed up on him and got some pics from Halloween. Well, looky there, we did have a Halloween after all! And a scary one at that. This was the first year for the whole scary thing so it was difficult for me to accept. But we survived it!! He looked cute as a button...if I am allowed to say that with him being so grown up now!!!