Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1-0 BABY!!! Undefeated...for now!

I am so happy to announce that my brother's basketball team, WHMS, is officially undefeated!! Ok, before the cheers get too out of hand they have only played one full game!! But let me just explain that his football team this year only won one game the whole season and his basketball team last year, well let's just say that this is a new year! So, we are so pumped that the basketball team is doing better so far.

Anyway, they played Rucker Stewart last night and boy was it an exciting one. Rucker led by one point at halftime. It was a very emotional game his boys really pulled together and just showed that they wanted it more than the other team. They had some miscues that is for sure. But they were able to put this game in the victory colomn with a 40-35 score.

I am really happy for the guys and Brian in that this puts a great outlook on the rest of the season. They needed to start the season off with some confidence. I will hopefully be able to pull off some pictures of some of the games but I was not prepared last night. I do know that they have one excellent cheerleader in the crowd, Triston said he was the reason that the other team missed one of their free throw shots!!! So, keep up the good work guys and get your hands up!!!!!!

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