Friday, November 14, 2008

24 weeks and counting

This week has been quite the uneventful week other than some exciting basketball games and the other same 'ol, same 'ol stuff! We did update our pregnancy shots this week though. My stomach has certainly gained in girth! The sad thing is I used to be able to stick my stomach out to look just like this before I was pregnant and look at me now!!! So, here are some shots of the "new look".

I also have had time to take some pictures of our bedding we got for Presley! She is going to sleep so well in her crib with her little lady bug friends!

We are hoping that the rain stays away for us to make it to the high school's football playoff game! Then tomorrow is a big day with Triston's football banquet. Oh, and I guess I shouldn't leave out Daniel's new toy...I can hardly contain my excitement!!

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Anonymous said...

I am adding your blog to my link page. I don't guess I knew you had one. What cute pictures. Triston looks SO HAPPY at the UT game with his daddy.