Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bitter Sweet

I told my brother yesterday that if they won their game last night I would write another blog entry about them. Well, for the effort they put out to winning the game (I am sure it was just so I would write about them!) I will make an exception. They faced a team that they usually get "molly-whopped" (my new word) by. Their school is intense, their fans are intense, their coach is very intense, heck even their uniforms are intense! Our boys made the best effort I have seen all year. They did it all well for the most part. They got all emotional and worked up towards the end and just couldn't close it. It was such a close game and I am very proud of the way they played. Their effort just proves that we are closer and closer to pulling off a win in the near future! Go Blue Devils!!

Also, I went for my re-do ultrasound yesterday and the news, so far, was much better. The radiologist still has to read it but the tech was confident this one was better. She showed me her aorta so we know that is there!! She also said that the head was up a little higher this time and that should enable him to get better reads and measurements! Some other side notes of interest...it was incredibly awesome...we saw her yawning! We were looking at her face, which ow has soft tissue and looks so much more real, and she opened so wide to yawn and closed so gently. It was the most precious thing I have seen thus far. We have beautfiul pictures of her smiling and of her profile...I still think she has my nose! The tech told us that she now weighs one pound and twelve ounces! It is somewhat terrifying to know that I feel her this much now and she is that little...I just can't wait until she is six pounds and kicking me!!! I will do my best to get the new ultrasound pictures uploaded soon.

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

I'm so glad the u/s went better!