Tuesday, May 31, 2011





Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today is Over

My facebook status reads, "Beth Wise O'Neil is in a donut hole coma...but so worth is!!"

And if eating about Dunkin' Donut's chocolate glazed cake donut holes will do anything it will:
1). put you in a sugar induced coma
2). ruin your diet for the day

Those two things I know from experience!

So, why not stop and get Big D's ice cream after Triston's (stellar) ballgame tonight?!

There is always tomorrow and tomorrow has to be better or my bathing suit will look more like a bed sheet!!! 16 days and counting....and we will be beach bound (skinny or not)!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Honorable Mention

I just have a few minutes and a few things I need to jot down here!

First, I was telling Daniel last night that I am the kind of exerciser and dieter that wants instant results. Well, my wish well granted (I suppose). Around 11:00 last night I awoke with a weak stomach. Within thirty minutes I was spewing my guts for the first of six times. I was hugging the toilet until 4:30 a.m. I guess that will give you instant results!! I think I finally got the stomach virus that Daniel and Presley had a month or so ago.

Second, I would give a lot of money to see the look on my face Sunday morning when our names were announced at church and the fire alarm sounded at the same time. Let me explain. It was new member Sunday and they announced each family that was joining and having everyone come to the front for all to see. Let me just say that Daniel and I both were dreading this as we don't like to be in front of people. So, as he was calling all the names Daniel asked if we were going to be last. And, of course, we were! But as he called our names the fire alarm went off and we all kind of froze! I wasn't sure what to do. The alarm proceeded with an announcement about how the alarm meant there was a fire in the building and so forth. The pastor let it finish it's message and everyone was very amused. He finished announcing us and our kids and started to say a prayer when it happened again!! Long story short some child (not mine!) got a hold of the fire alarm and pulled it. The funny story will be one we won't forget and we will forever be the members that set off the fire alarm when we joined!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Bub-o = Bubba

Gaugert = yogurt

Puple = purple

Biby = baby

Dachi = paci

Cor Cog = corn dog

Emo on = Elmo on

Peesh = please

Cank oooh = thank you

Geen = green

Boo = blue

Cooby = Scooby

Cruck = truck

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

This song is on my Ipod workout play list!!! What's on yours? Got any other suggestions for good pump up music? Something has to keep me on track...might as well be this guy...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Overall Goal

I was (still am actually) proud that I was able to fit in three workouts last week. So, here it is a new week and my butt has been so lazy today. I have had all day to get to the gym and didn't. I am still trying to talk myself out the door but to no avail! I realize there is still hope for the rest of the week. I can likely find the giddy-up to do some ab-work at the house tonight. Considering I had a two hour nap during my daughter's three hour nap I should have all the energy in the world...but I don't. I will do crunches! I will do cherry pickers! I will. I will. I will!!!

The good news is that I have not eaten terribly today. Well, except those two doughnuts for breakfast. Daniel bought those by the way! But for lunch it was a grilled cheese and ramen noodles. And I had some sun chips for a snack. One of my biggest adversaries is the cokes I drink. I have too many in a day. Truly. I am going to try to stop or at least switch to diet.

Anyway, the true end result that I want from all of this effort is that my clothes fit better (without having to buy a size up). I sit at a desk the majority of the day and my clothes get really tight with my gut bearing down on them all day...or vice versa. The "muffin top" has to go!! And that is all I have to say about that!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I Just Realized

I have to wear a bathing suit in 30 days (if not before)! Granted, I have worked out a total of 3 times in the last week. But I would certainly need to work out after the way I have eaten lately. I am the biggest right now than I have ever been. Am I BIG? Not really. But bigger than I am used to. And it is not even a bigger number on the scale. It is just everything is a little lumpier and jigglier!! Those things are not attractive to me much less anyone else. So, this is me sharing with you, blog world, that I am determined to look half way decent in a bathing suit when we vacation in June. I plan on using my blog to record my food and my workouts. Maybe doing this will help hold me accountable on what I choose to eat. Encouragement is welcome!! As is a workout partner :) Let the games begin!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Tribute...of sorts!

I am currently fighting two evils. I am tired from a busy weekend (and my head is pounding) but I have these thoughts going crazy in my mind about moms and Mother's day. So, I am going to try and get some of these down on "paper" and maybe I will sleep better.

You see, I have always struggled with this day in the past. Because I am in a unique situation. I am mother to a child that I don't get privileges to on Mother's day. I mother him every day of the week. I pack his lunch, I help with his homework, I drive him to and fro, I feed him dinner, and tuck him into bed. I counsel his choices and hug and kiss on him. But he is not mine. My husband tries really hard to set an example for him to show his appreciation for me as well as his biological mom. It is hard for him though. He has to make two crafts at school. He has to spend the day with his mom then come home to me and try to make me feel special too. I have a lot of appreciation for step parents. I know how it is. However, I am not your normal step parent. I do not have my step son only on the weekends. I am flat out raising him as my own. Don't get me wrong, I would not have it any other way. But where my hard feelings come in is when my toes get stepped on and my being a mom get put on a back burner for someone to get celebrated who does half what I do. Does that make sense? I make everyday about my kids. Not just the weekends. I make sure my children have boundaries and obey me. I show them love each and every day not just when I feel like. But let me get off my soap box and continue.

I realize that God created us each different even in the mothering that we do. But I like to think of myself as a down to earth kind of mom. A roll with the punches type. I have recently been in contact with some moms who are just over the top. Almost diva-ish if that makes sense. To me having a child is not about dressing them in the finest digs. It is not about their hair being perfect all the time. It is not about them only eating their fruits and veggies. Let them be kids!! Let them get sticky from a sucker. Or dirty from the ballpark. Let them sleep in the car and jump on the bed...with supervision of course!

I guess it all comes down to the fact that being a mother is not about you! It is not about you getting the praise for what you do or how your kids look. They will never do what you want them to do to a T anyway. They will not sleep through the night and they will not be healthy all the time. This is earth we live on and it is not perfect. You can buy them the most expensive clothes and props but I promise you they will spit up on them!!! And I will laugh :) I just came to the realization that these are little people we are dealing with. They are not dolls or a show and tell item. They are precious and a blessing from God. It just bothers me when people don't take that to heart.

Happy Mother's day...to all who get that!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We Heart Red, Furry Monsters

I really wish this pic turned out better. But I feel like it shows how grown-up she is getting!

I feel like I haven't given a Presley update in a while. I think I mentioned that she is talking now. And, boy, is she! She talks a lot. Not as much as she laughs though. I have a very funny and cheerful little girl. Not only is she talking but she has gotten really good at fit throwing too!! She is getting used to not being the baby anymore. It has not been an easy transition. On Easter she had several screaming fits when she wanted to be held but Baby Ava was occupying our arms. It was quite interesting for all of the family to see Presley in all her tantrum glory!!

Some other things going on with her are that she loves to sing and dance. If there is music on she breaks it down. If we aren't singing then we are reading. I really am loving this age. Minus the waking up entirely too early on Saturday mornings!

But I am really loving that she has found a "favorite". She loves nothing more than watching Elmo. I don't know why because we never have watched it before. Must be a day care thing. But we started showing her clips on youtube and now every time we have the laptop out she wants "emo, onnn". So, we upgraded to a Best Of DVD and she would watch it all day, I belief. And, finally, we found her a non-talking Elmo stuffed animal. She has not let it down since we bought it. She holds onto him like it's her life-line. It just makes me realize more and more how quickly she is growing up. Not that she is getting bigger (still only 20 pounds), just better!!!

Maybe Elmo will convince her to get rid of that paci!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Once upon a time, on a playground, one little 2nd grade girl said to another little second grade girl, "Will you be my friend?". The other little girl's answer would ring true for years and years to follow.

Those two girls were myself and my best friend, Kasey. We have been friends since that day. It is now 20 years later and my girl is getting married. I am so proud of her. She got her undergrad at MTSU and then went onto get her nursing degree. She met her fiance, Justin, and has been smitten ever since. I am so excited for her in this season of her life. I know God will bless them tremendously in the years to come. I hope that I can remain by her side during each of them.

Kasey, you know everything there is to know about me. You have seen me at my best and walked me through my worst. You have been my closest friend for the longest time and I will never find a better one.

I pray that you and Justin find this time to be exciting and joyful. I pray you trust in the Lord to meet your needs in every step of the way. Look to Him as your provider and He will never let you down.

I am very proud to be by your side on June 18th. I know you will look magnifiscent! I know I will cry but it will be tears of joy. I am overwhelmingly happy for you. Quite possibly, more so than on my own wedding day!!

I love you like a sister and I thank you for your friendship.

Monday, May 2, 2011

G:Grand Finale

My last day of blogging a letter for each day is going finish up the alphabet.

We will call it the Grand finale!!

C is for chocolate caramel coffee creamer (alliteration much). Good stuff!!!

E is for Erin! Because my (pseudo) baby girl Erin's birthday party was Saturday. She is just so stinkin' cute!!

U for unbelievable! It is unbelievable that Triston had the best game of the season Saturday night when I could not be there to see it. Major bummer!

Incomplete. I was lost this past weekend. My hubby was gone from Thursday to Sunday for a fun weekend with the boys. He had fun but we sure missed him at home!

M for mommy. With the previous statement in mind, if I was called mommy one more time by the time my husband got home I was going to scream. I told him I was ready for my title to change for a little while. I was ready to be customer service rep rather than mommy...for just a few hours.

Wow...did I really miss this many letters?!

Well, Y is for You are just going to have to be without an O and a Z!!!!!