Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Overall Goal

I was (still am actually) proud that I was able to fit in three workouts last week. So, here it is a new week and my butt has been so lazy today. I have had all day to get to the gym and didn't. I am still trying to talk myself out the door but to no avail! I realize there is still hope for the rest of the week. I can likely find the giddy-up to do some ab-work at the house tonight. Considering I had a two hour nap during my daughter's three hour nap I should have all the energy in the world...but I don't. I will do crunches! I will do cherry pickers! I will. I will. I will!!!

The good news is that I have not eaten terribly today. Well, except those two doughnuts for breakfast. Daniel bought those by the way! But for lunch it was a grilled cheese and ramen noodles. And I had some sun chips for a snack. One of my biggest adversaries is the cokes I drink. I have too many in a day. Truly. I am going to try to stop or at least switch to diet.

Anyway, the true end result that I want from all of this effort is that my clothes fit better (without having to buy a size up). I sit at a desk the majority of the day and my clothes get really tight with my gut bearing down on them all day...or vice versa. The "muffin top" has to go!! And that is all I have to say about that!!!

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