Monday, May 2, 2011

G:Grand Finale

My last day of blogging a letter for each day is going finish up the alphabet.

We will call it the Grand finale!!

C is for chocolate caramel coffee creamer (alliteration much). Good stuff!!!

E is for Erin! Because my (pseudo) baby girl Erin's birthday party was Saturday. She is just so stinkin' cute!!

U for unbelievable! It is unbelievable that Triston had the best game of the season Saturday night when I could not be there to see it. Major bummer!

Incomplete. I was lost this past weekend. My hubby was gone from Thursday to Sunday for a fun weekend with the boys. He had fun but we sure missed him at home!

M for mommy. With the previous statement in mind, if I was called mommy one more time by the time my husband got home I was going to scream. I told him I was ready for my title to change for a little while. I was ready to be customer service rep rather than mommy...for just a few hours.

Wow...did I really miss this many letters?!

Well, Y is for You are just going to have to be without an O and a Z!!!!!

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