Monday, May 23, 2011

Honorable Mention

I just have a few minutes and a few things I need to jot down here!

First, I was telling Daniel last night that I am the kind of exerciser and dieter that wants instant results. Well, my wish well granted (I suppose). Around 11:00 last night I awoke with a weak stomach. Within thirty minutes I was spewing my guts for the first of six times. I was hugging the toilet until 4:30 a.m. I guess that will give you instant results!! I think I finally got the stomach virus that Daniel and Presley had a month or so ago.

Second, I would give a lot of money to see the look on my face Sunday morning when our names were announced at church and the fire alarm sounded at the same time. Let me explain. It was new member Sunday and they announced each family that was joining and having everyone come to the front for all to see. Let me just say that Daniel and I both were dreading this as we don't like to be in front of people. So, as he was calling all the names Daniel asked if we were going to be last. And, of course, we were! But as he called our names the fire alarm went off and we all kind of froze! I wasn't sure what to do. The alarm proceeded with an announcement about how the alarm meant there was a fire in the building and so forth. The pastor let it finish it's message and everyone was very amused. He finished announcing us and our kids and started to say a prayer when it happened again!! Long story short some child (not mine!) got a hold of the fire alarm and pulled it. The funny story will be one we won't forget and we will forever be the members that set off the fire alarm when we joined!!!

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