Friday, May 13, 2011

I Just Realized

I have to wear a bathing suit in 30 days (if not before)! Granted, I have worked out a total of 3 times in the last week. But I would certainly need to work out after the way I have eaten lately. I am the biggest right now than I have ever been. Am I BIG? Not really. But bigger than I am used to. And it is not even a bigger number on the scale. It is just everything is a little lumpier and jigglier!! Those things are not attractive to me much less anyone else. So, this is me sharing with you, blog world, that I am determined to look half way decent in a bathing suit when we vacation in June. I plan on using my blog to record my food and my workouts. Maybe doing this will help hold me accountable on what I choose to eat. Encouragement is welcome!! As is a workout partner :) Let the games begin!!!

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The Writer Chic said...

Ugh. I hear you. I did great last summer using My Fitness Pal, and then...I'm not sure when/how I fell off the wagon.

As for working out....I'm a complete failure in the department, because I feel like I am NEVER without a preschooler underfoot trying to "sexercise" (as Seth calls it) with me. Sigh. If you want to work out at 430 am or 8 pm (when I can pass off the littles to Jim), I'm your girl for a workout buddy. ;)

You can do it, Beth! You're gonna look awesome in your suit next month!