Saturday, May 7, 2011

We Heart Red, Furry Monsters

I really wish this pic turned out better. But I feel like it shows how grown-up she is getting!

I feel like I haven't given a Presley update in a while. I think I mentioned that she is talking now. And, boy, is she! She talks a lot. Not as much as she laughs though. I have a very funny and cheerful little girl. Not only is she talking but she has gotten really good at fit throwing too!! She is getting used to not being the baby anymore. It has not been an easy transition. On Easter she had several screaming fits when she wanted to be held but Baby Ava was occupying our arms. It was quite interesting for all of the family to see Presley in all her tantrum glory!!

Some other things going on with her are that she loves to sing and dance. If there is music on she breaks it down. If we aren't singing then we are reading. I really am loving this age. Minus the waking up entirely too early on Saturday mornings!

But I am really loving that she has found a "favorite". She loves nothing more than watching Elmo. I don't know why because we never have watched it before. Must be a day care thing. But we started showing her clips on youtube and now every time we have the laptop out she wants "emo, onnn". So, we upgraded to a Best Of DVD and she would watch it all day, I belief. And, finally, we found her a non-talking Elmo stuffed animal. She has not let it down since we bought it. She holds onto him like it's her life-line. It just makes me realize more and more how quickly she is growing up. Not that she is getting bigger (still only 20 pounds), just better!!!

Maybe Elmo will convince her to get rid of that paci!!

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