Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christmas Stories

We have finished 3 of the 5 Christmas festivities that we have on the agenda this year and we feel like we have been through the ringer. It is so joyous to spend time with family and friends and eat lots of good food. But when my head hits my pillow at night I don't remember much after that. For someone who has little to no energy anyway it has flat worn me out! But I am still going! This is a photographic summary of the fun times we have had so far...

First, it was Christmas with my extended family and Triston liked to put all the bows on his face. Unfortunately, a tradition that my brother passed on to him.

Then, there was Christmas with Daniel's extended family. He got a cool new Webkinz animal, Crazy T. And we enjoyed playing the Wii and ping pong and just haning out until we dropped!

And, of course, I am sportin' the 30 week pregnant belly!!

This was Christmas morning before Tris had realized that Santa came...

and this was after he realized that Santa came!!!

And here we are after all the madness of Christmas morning! Can't wait until next year when it is double the madness. So, we still have more to go with my mom's tonight. Then we get a little bit of a break and we have Christmas with Daniel's mom and dad on New Year's Eve! Until then you will find me sleeping a lot!!!

Who is in Control?

Well, after all my huffing and puffing, I am happy to say that UPS/Gamestop have put me in my place. If you recall from a previous posting that UPS dropped off a package of Triston's Christmas presents and our dog chewed it all up. Well, as I lost my cool on the UPS customer service man as he informed me that we would not have these items replaced by Christmas I wondered if God had his own intentions for this happening. Well, indeed He did. I came home Tuesday from work and there was a box on the front porch. I thought someone had sent us something from Christmas. I was wrong though. It was Gamestop replacing our presents for Tris and two days before Christmas at that. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Why do I doubt that God is in control of things??
I must say though, the UPS delivery man did not learn from his mistake as the box was sitting right there on the front porch in reach of the same dog that chewed it up the first time; it was not between the screen door and front door or up high out of his reach. Come on people use your brain!!! Anyway, we got the presents back in time for Tris to have them for Christmas, praise the Lord!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My New Toy!!

I am so, super pumped!! Daniel and I got a couple of gift cards to get ourselves something for Christmas. We had quite a time trying to figure out what to buy. We thought maybe we should buy a new computer chair or a new mailbox or just some odds and ins. But then it dawned on us...we are using a digital camera that is from the 1980's. We need a new camera!! Our first attempt failed miserably as they were completely out of all of their stock. So, we traveled to yet another store and we were much luckier there! We found ourselves a nice digital camera. And this one is made in the new millennium! Lord knows we are going to be taking some pictures come about March so, I am just thrilled that we decided to do this. I can't wait to discover all the features of my new toy!! Thanks to those who enabled us to purchase this!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Two Worst Enemies

So, last night it was routine as usual, so I thought anyway. I got off work and drove to pick up Triston from after-school care. After I picked him, we headed home to make dinner from some friends who just had twins. Luckily, I had it cooking in the crock pot all day! So, I pulled in the driveway and what to my wondering eyes did I see...a bunch of crap chewed up in the yard. It was quite dark so it took me a minute to figure out what was scattered all over the yard. Once I realized I freaked!

We had done some ordering of Christmas presents online and were expecting them anyday. Well, today was the day. Apparently, the UPS delivery man laid both boxes on our front porch right by the dog and his bed. No big deal, right? Wrong! The dog decided he wanted to know what was in those boxes and proceeded to rip one of them open. Once he got in he had realized he hit the mother load and began chewing away. He chewed one electronic piece all the way down to the wire. He chewed a disc out of it case and had the disc laying in the yard.

Am I kidding? No, I'm not. I was livid. I could feel my blood pressure rise. I had to tell Triston to stay in the car or he was going to see what had happened and therefore, see his Christmas presents. That would have led to him figuring out another, quite large, Christmas present. I was devastated and determined for him to have those presents next week. I called UPS to complain. I mean we have a screen door he very easliy could have put those boxes between the doors. Anyway, they have to file a claim and blah, blah, blah and now we are two Christmas presents short.

So, I would like to thank the UPS delivery man and my dog for making my evening so very interesting.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deck the Halls

Last night we decorated our tree. I know it is late but better late than never! Triston was really excited because his ornament he made at school was the first one to go on the tree. He was so proud. He did a good job helping out when we could keep him focused. What can I say, he is a 7 year old boy he would have rather been playing football. So, here we are decorating our Christmas tree...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Drum Roll Please

I spoke with my doctor's nurse yesterday to get the results of my glucose tolerance test and the results from my second ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. Talk about suspenseful!! So, the results go a little something like this: The glucose test was out of four readings I had one high reading. The second hour after drinking the sugary drink my blood sugar was 156. That is a little high. After three hours my blood sugar was 121. That level is okay. So, because I only have one high reading I am "okay". I do not have gestational diabetes. YAY!! I just need to watch the amount of sugar I intake (easy for them to say).
Then the results from my ultrasound were the same, sweet music to my ears! The aorta was there and functioning properly. Also, the radiologist was able to make sound measurements of her skull and they are normal as well! I am so thrilled that both of the tests turned out with not just good but fantastic results! So, now that I can stop stressing those things I will start to count down the days until Presley gets here! That would be twelve weeks and counting!! So, next is the Rhogam injection (for the different blood types) on Thursday. I am not, by the way, looking forward to that.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Deserving Win!!

Well, once again I am proud to write about a winning team!! The WHMS boys played across town rival PMS Thursday night and they were able to put another one in the victory column. I think these guys are really starting to learn how to play as a team and use each other's assets to win ball games. I saw some guys play better than I have seen them play all year. They all hustled their lil hearts out and that is what counts.

The breif synopsis goes like this: The panthers pulled out ahead early and we did not get our heads down. We started passing to our big guy under the basketball for some 2-pointers in the 1st quarter. He played exceptionally well and I think he liked being trusted to put some points on the board! Then we gained the lead and stuck with it for the rest of the game. After PMS (I just realized how funny that is!!!) started defending our big guy underneath a little tighter we pushed the ball out to one of the most aggressive players we have. He has been kind of timid all year but really came out of that Thursday night. He had a total of 18 points that night. After halftime, the panthers started kicking the ball out to their go to guy. #24 was an excellent 3-point shooter. And we had a hard time defending that. But thumbs up to the effort on defense outside the key! Those guys are little but they will defend anyone they must. All that to say the blue devils deserved this big win and they were all smiles afterwards, including their coach!!

I am excited about the game Monday night because we play the other team that we beat early in the season. I hope we can come out and show those boys what we are made of! Good luck guys and congrats Brian on that cheap birthday present for mom!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Down the Drain...

Well, this morning was a big, huge, ginormous day and it all went down the toilet..literally! I had my appointment this morning for my glucose tolerance screening. This one takes three hours and you are required to drink double the amount of the nice sugary drink. Oh, and did I mention you can't eat from dinner time the previous night to the time you are done with the appointment?! So, I prepared myself mentally and physically for this appointment. And I prayed until I could not pray anymore that my blood sugar would be normal. Well, I guess God is not ready for us to know the answer to that yet. This is how the morning went...

1. Got to my appointment on time (Go me!!!)

2. Paid my monthly payment to my ob (She needs to have a Christmas, too!)

3. The lab technician called me back (Elizabeth O'Neil...I know it sounds so grown up and professional!

4. She explained to me that she was going to take my base line (assumingly that meant she is taking my blood before I put anything in my system.) So, she did! The first of so many little pricks!

5. She gave me my lovely drink (lovely, not so much...but I was so hungry and so thirsty I got it down pretty well!)

6. I finished my drink at 8:10. So, she explained to me that we will be taking blood at 9:10, 10:10, and 11:10. (Good thing I brought a good book.)

7. I went out to the waiting room to...well, wait!

8. 8:50 a.m. I felt it. It was the lovely drink telling me it wanted to come back up. It was bad enough going down, seriously?!

9. Off I went/ran to the bathroom to revisit the lovely drink.

10. I shamefully walked back into the lab to let her know that I no longer had the drink in my system.

11. My doctor then came in to give me my options...the first being that I can come back for yet another three hour appointment and take medication for nausea prior to and have someone drive me; then the second being that I have my finger pricked for my next three visits.

Well, I am thinking the latter of the two sounded better than my experience today. But she is the doc and advised we try this process one more time. So, I will do what she says and try this again. I have rescheduled my next glucose tolerance screening for Friday morning. Keeping all extremeties crossed that the medication helps and I can drink the drink and keep it down the whole three hours AND my blood sugar levels are right where they need to be!!! Until then, I am stuffing my face (with healthy foods of course!).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to the Real World

I so thoroughly enjoyed not having to roll out of bed at 5:30 A.M. the last four mornings that I did not mentally prepare myself for the big return. That is the return to the working world. Big just isn't fair!!! I am so thankful that I am physically and mentally able to work but I wish that my money tree in my back yard would start growing so I did not have to work. I feel like I could get so much done if I could just be home all day! Oh by the way, I was home most days over my little holiday break and I got nothing done!! It sounds good though doesn't it?! So, I guess I will get over my pity-party and, oh yeah, get back to work! I also need to go check on my money tree and see if it is growing yet!!