Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. Hebrews 10:24

My pastor is doing a series about relationships. He is going through characters in the Bible and explaining their role in some of the relationships they had. I am loving it!

The first one he did was Jonathan. He was a true friend. He saved a friend's life from his own father. We all have a true friend, I know I do. And after hearing that sermon I told her that I loved her for being my Jonathan.

The next one he did was Jethro. I am a Jethro to my husband that much I knew while listening to the sermon. I kick my husband's butt into gear (most of the time)!! I don't take credit for anything but being his Jethro.

However, I have had this on my mind ever since. Who is my Jethro? I can think of a lot of people that help keep me in line but one stands bolder than the others.

I can blame my dad for a lot in my life. My running insecurities, my boldness, etc. But the main thing he is to me is my Jethro. I remember after I had Presley and was adamant that I was staying home with her. Someone had to set me straight and get me on the right track. That person was my dad. I guess I know where I got my Jethro-ness!!

Jethro knew what had to be done not what he wanted done. Jethro kept all his daughters in line. He was not flattering but he blessed so many. He saw potential in Moses. I am happy that I can be a Jethro to someone but I am very appreciative to my own Jethro!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Consuming Fire

The Lord will consume Assyria's glory like a fire consumes a forest in a fruitful land; it will waste away like sick people in a plague. Isaiah 10:18

I remember a few years ago when we caught our back yard on fire. I drove past a small brush fire on my way home from work today and thought back to that day. We were burning a pile of brush too and it started small. We kept it contained where we were comfortable with it. Anytime it would get going too much we would manage it back down.

At one point we took our eyes off it for too long. Before we knew it smoke filled down our street. We looked to find it had spread immensely. The fire ran between trees and brush and filled our back woods. It got out of our control. We tried effortlessly to maintain it to no avail.

Do you ever feel that way in life? Do you feel consumed by something that you try to keep together and fail. Does something consume you that you know shouldn't? What should consume us anyway?

As I watch my husband live out this God given opportunity I see him become more and more consumed with God. The Word and prayer are spreading rapidly in his life like a wildfire. And seeing this happen in a man that was once taken over by things of this world is so absolutely amazing.

And do you know what it does for me? It excites me for our future and the plan that God is laying. But it creates a desire in me for that same fire. I wonder how many people can see that fire in him, in me. I wonder how many more people we can spread that same fire to. That is our ultimate purpose, isn't it?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Under Pressure

It is nice to be wanted and all but all this pressure to write a new blog post has got me under writer's block! I have plenty of things to write about with the busyness of my life but none of it seems blog worthy. I guess it will have to do since my dad won't leave me alone about it!!! Did any of you see him call me out on Facebook about it?! I will get him back for that!!

So, what is new around is, well, everything. As you know the hubs started school and we are currently living the adjustment period. I wonder if we will ever get adjusted. We are the couple that does most everything together. We are used to being on the same schedules and spending all of our time with each other. That isn't happening so much now. He goes to school each day and works afterwards, either in the evening or in the middle of the night. That was his choice so that he could get some quality time with the kids and I. Those nights aren't so bad except for the sleep part. He works until 1:30 a.m. then still has to get up for school the next day. The adjustment in that area has been quite difficult.

Otherwise, we tricked and treated on Halloween, my little Dorothy and my too-cool-to-dress-up-ten-year-old-who-only-wore-a-mask! Presley sang, "I got candy" up and down the street!! She was much more into it this year than she was last year. That made it more fun!!

Triston started basketball practice two weeks ago and that has taken up our Saturdays. I like basketball as a sport for him. It is high energy and constant pace which works well for him. The only negative is that it is very up close and personal. If he were to have one of his moments of rage the closest person to him is in for it! Not a good recipe!!

As for me, I am trying to jump start my Scentsy business and each opportunity I find seems to fail soon thereafter. I am not discourage (to the point of giving up anyway) about it. I am just going to keep it up and hope for the best. God brought us to this and He will lead us through it. But here are some really cool products from Scentsy that I have come to love!!

The plug-in warmer...

The premium holiday warmer...

And, my favorite, the Scentsy buddy (you pick a scent and it goes inside the stuffed animal and makes it smell yummy)...