Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. Hebrews 10:24

My pastor is doing a series about relationships. He is going through characters in the Bible and explaining their role in some of the relationships they had. I am loving it!

The first one he did was Jonathan. He was a true friend. He saved a friend's life from his own father. We all have a true friend, I know I do. And after hearing that sermon I told her that I loved her for being my Jonathan.

The next one he did was Jethro. I am a Jethro to my husband that much I knew while listening to the sermon. I kick my husband's butt into gear (most of the time)!! I don't take credit for anything but being his Jethro.

However, I have had this on my mind ever since. Who is my Jethro? I can think of a lot of people that help keep me in line but one stands bolder than the others.

I can blame my dad for a lot in my life. My running insecurities, my boldness, etc. But the main thing he is to me is my Jethro. I remember after I had Presley and was adamant that I was staying home with her. Someone had to set me straight and get me on the right track. That person was my dad. I guess I know where I got my Jethro-ness!!

Jethro knew what had to be done not what he wanted done. Jethro kept all his daughters in line. He was not flattering but he blessed so many. He saw potential in Moses. I am happy that I can be a Jethro to someone but I am very appreciative to my own Jethro!

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