Thursday, April 28, 2011

N: Nice for a Change

I like a respectful kid. I love a respectful boy. I have a weakness for young boys who are cordial and thoughtful of others, especially girls.

I was at the ballpark tonight, I know you are shocked!! I was standing by the fence watching a game and a team came up to gather before their game started. They started to watch this same game. One young boy stepped up to watch and quickly looked at me and said, "Can you see ok?" I told him I could. Then as other boys crowded around he would tell each one of them to step back so that I could see around them. Isn't that sweet? I have a feeling this little guys will make some lucky lady very happy one day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Unbelievable, unbelievably busy is what I have been. Holidays like Easter will do that. Well, that and baseball games and grocery store runs and sick peeps and what not. Don't get me wrong I love the busyness of life. But this girl is in major need of some rest time. My emotions and mental status are at stake here, people!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today I feel

Unloved, unpopular, and unread. My thoughts about these feelings, well, hopefully it's just a phase. And maybe I should stop blogging altogether. We shall see which it ends up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Day Worth Two Letters

Today has sucked so bad that it is worthy of two letters.

One is X for Xanax!!!!! Because my car broke down on my lunch break and a xanax never sounded so good to me after that.

The other letter is V. V for Valium. Because as I was slowly steering my broke down car to a parking lot the principal from my child's school called. My son got suspended from school for fighting and at that point a valium never sounded so good to me!!!!!

You will be happy to know that I have NOT consumed either of them...yet!

Monday, April 18, 2011

G for Game

Tris had a game tonight and boy did he show up to play!! He is playing third base this year for the first time ever and doing quite well. Tonight he was 3 for 4 at the plate with several RBIs. He stole home one time, too. I love to see him play that well. But I love more than that to hear him encourage his teammates and even the opposing team. When we were getting in the car a player from other team was getting in the car beside us. He said, "good game, man"! And it made me smile!! I love a good attitude and good sportsmanship!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


W. Did you get that from the title?! Today my W is for work. Work! Because I want to go back to it right about now! I realize exactly how blessed I am to have the kids I have. But I also realize that God did not create me to stay with them 24-7!! My nerves just can't take it. Especially with P right now. She is sooooo whiny...around me anyway. Daniel says she is not that way when I am gone. She usually loves the bath but tonight she cried the whole time and tried to climb out of the tub. Did I mention my nerves can't take it?! All I am saying is I am just a tad bit ready for Monday to get here! You might never hear me say that again but for now, it stands!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today is brought to you by the letter Q. I have questions.... Like, why is my paragraph spacing not working on my blog? Why is my daughter such a pill when I am around her but not when I am gone? Why was I in a hospital waiting room this morning and asked (quite abrasively) to take my leg out of the the chair across from me because they were new chairs? I should've told her they were new shoes I was wearing, too. I was just in awe that here I was paying them money and I can't get semi-comfy in a chair because it is new and apparently my leg being on the new furniture would somehow tarnish it's newness. Am I the only one thinking this way?!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This Wednesday is brought to you by the letter K. K is for kids! As in the loud ones! As in the rambunctious ones! The ones that don't sit still or listen to directions! This would include my kids! One of them anyway. A friend of mine has roped me into helping in the Backyard at church. That is the kids from K-5th grade. Our plan is to take the 3rd and 4th grade girls and break off into a class of our own. But tonight it was the whole class, boys and girls. Wow! I wish I had the energy of a 4th grader! I will add that my husband has been doing this same thing for the last few weeks. He has felt God calling him to work with the kids for a while. He was placed in the class with 5th graders and it is a perfect fit for him. They have taken to him so well and he loves it. I am thankful that God is using our talents to further his kiddie kingdom!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Can't Keep Up

My sister in law asked me if I was going out of order in the alphabet and I said yes. But now I can't keep up with what letters I have used and I haven't used!! Oh well! Today is brought to you by the letter T. T for talking! T for talking too much!! The talking part is for Presley. I think she is officially talking. It only took almost 26 months. She has a speech therapist come to her daycare and work with her weekly. It is really paying off. She has a lengthy vocabulary now and is starting to put words together. It is so excited to see her develop like this! The talking too much one, well, that is my boy. He has been having a hard time in school keeping quiet when asked. I am hoping after today's doctor's appointment that will get better. As we were waiting for the doctor to come in the room I just gave it all to God. That is something we have done already but I gave the appointment to Him. Sort of like praying over your house or your kids as they sleep. I prayed over the doctor's visit! I feel like God has His hand in this and will bring it all together. I hope so, anyway, because it has been one rough ride.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday and Sunday

H!! I am combining these two days for one reason...they are running together!! We were at the ballpark yesterday. We had concession stand duty from 9-1, Triston had pictures at 1:45 and a game at 3:00. We finally left the park at 5:00. We were starving, sun burnt, and hurting all over. We stood the whole time we were there and didn't realize until we left! Wow! My feet could sure use a rub down. Today we started a new class at church and it started at 8:00. Then we went to our normal service at 10:00. After church we got our grocery shopping done and came home and crashed. Now, we are not physically hurting but hurting from such a busy week, yes! We have just been non stop all week and we spend today just recovering. Thank God for a day of rest!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday's letter

Well, Friday, not today's, letter was L! There are two reasons for this.

One is that I left my laptop at my work...eeeek! I was so bummed. I didn't realize it until I got home. I don't usually take it with me but I thought I might use it at lunch time (I didn't). When I got out to my car after leaving work I realized I left my lunch bag at my desk. So, I went back in and got it but still left my laptop there! I was lucky to have a co-worker meet me after he went in over the weekend. Now, I can relax, and browser the inter web!!!

The other reason is because Daniel and I went to a concert last night. It was a concert featuring a christian rapper named Lecrae. Daniel and I have always been fans of hip hop music. But we are not much on the vulgarity of it. We have found this artist and some of his other recording friends and we love them all. They are so entertaining and they do it all for Christ. So, we headed to a music venue downtown for the concert and we left feeling like we had been to a praise and worship experience. It was an incredible atmosphere. We were blessed by the testimonies of these artists.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today's letter is R. Because I got a call from Vanderbilt Genetics with the results of P's testing. If you remember, she was tested for Noonan's syndrome which came back negative! Praise the Lord! One of the other tests they ran was called a chromosome micro array. They basically evaluate each chromosome and make sure there are no abnormalities. Well, the results of that were not as encouraging but not necessarily discouraging either. They found extra material on the long arm of the 17th chromosome. They did not give me any indications as to what that meant, gotta love that! They said they wanted to test both D and I to see if that is the case for one of us as well. That will tell us if she inherited this or if it is a new defect. If you research this abnormality you find that there are a lot of conditions that this could cause, or it could cause nothing. Some of the symptoms are short stature, developmental delay, and cardiac defects. All things P has or had. I am not and have not been concerned about any of these tests or findings. I know that my girl is wonderfully and fearfully made. I am curious to know what our results look like and what (if anything) would be done after seeing our results. I am just not in any hurry to get this blood work done! We are so busy right now that if we try to cram another thing in we will most likely lose our minds, or what is left of them.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


for STRESSED!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My first thought for today's letter was F for frustrated. But I have already used that one. My second choice was P for parenting and I have used that one too. So, I am going with D for discipline. It is one of the things about parenting that has to be done and is most of the time no fun today. But when you have disciplined children it is not such a huge deal as when you don't have disciplined children. This is a challenge I am struggling with today. I am having a bad day at parenting today and I have "had it up to here". Why do I get notes from both of my kids teachers in the same day? I know we are not the best parents and I know we make mistakes. But I don't feel we are the worst ones by far. I will not sink down to comparing myself to other parents. I realize God makes us all different and blesses us with different strengths even in parenting. I know that he is my strong hold right now with this. I have leaned on Him all night long. Do I feel better? Not yet, but I will! So, if you are the praying kind you can pray I get one child to stop biting (even if it is in retaliation) and one child to control disruptions in school (even if it is before medicine kicks in). God will provide answers for us so for now I am just holding on. However, today, I am holding on by a thread!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Today is brought to you by the letter P...for pictures. As in our family photos we had done last October. Okay, so I am alittle behind on getting these out but I am doing it now. But thank you, Jessi, for taking these. They are so good, even with a crazy 2 year old! So, here they are--enjoy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today is brought to you by the letter A. A for Ava! A for Aunt. I love being an aunt. I got to hold baby Ava tonight while her mommy and daddy (attempted!) to play volleyball!! I guess I can't talk I am not playing!! Anyway, while she did get snatched from me a few times and she was asleep most of the rest of the time. It was still nice to have so aunt/Ava quality time! Now, let me use this blog for what it's purpose (if there is one) is for just a moment. I have to say that my life is living proof that as soon as you make a very strong commitment to doing the Lord's work Satan will attack at every crevice to get you away from that. Without going to deep into what should be personal I am a bit overwhelmed right now. I am feeling the tug of the enemy on my life, mostly not even on me personally. I want so badly to defeat this. I want to stomp on Satan's head and squish like I do the ant village that evades my house everyday. It is funny to me that we make choices for our life then further down the road we think that was a stupid choice. We want something different than what we have picked. You know, that whole the grass is always greener theory. To this theory I would like to say screw you! Oh, sorry, that was vulger! Don't make a choice for your life then turned down a curvy road and decide this is not for you. Be who you are and what you want to be and don't let anything keep you from that. I love that I have an identity. I know my identity is in Christ and no one can take me from that. Satan may try to disrupt anything that God has for me and my family but for me that means that I must have good things to do for Him and His kingdom. If not, why would Satan waste his time with me? I think I just ranted and I am not sure any of it made sense but I think I feel better!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


is brought to you by the letter, F. Friends Fellowship Fun Food I love all of these things and to have them all in one day is a-mazing! We met some friends for dinner tonight and had such a great night of conversation. I think we are building lasting relationships and that makes me happy. I hope your Saturday was as good and relaxing as mine!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I Got It!

So, this is what I am thinking. For each day in April I will find a letter to represent that day. Think Sesame Street! It is a win, win because there are not 30 letters in the alphabet so if I happen to miss a day it's ok!! So, let's get started...

Today is brought to you by the letter B. B is for baseball and Bubba. As in Bubba playing baseball. As in opening night of baseball and ball park food. As in blistering cold! I love baseball season!!

I told you it was cold!!

This is a shot of all the teams and the chorus that was singing the National Anthem. I thought it was a really cool thing for our kids to be involved in!