Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My first thought for today's letter was F for frustrated. But I have already used that one. My second choice was P for parenting and I have used that one too. So, I am going with D for discipline. It is one of the things about parenting that has to be done and is most of the time no fun today. But when you have disciplined children it is not such a huge deal as when you don't have disciplined children. This is a challenge I am struggling with today. I am having a bad day at parenting today and I have "had it up to here". Why do I get notes from both of my kids teachers in the same day? I know we are not the best parents and I know we make mistakes. But I don't feel we are the worst ones by far. I will not sink down to comparing myself to other parents. I realize God makes us all different and blesses us with different strengths even in parenting. I know that he is my strong hold right now with this. I have leaned on Him all night long. Do I feel better? Not yet, but I will! So, if you are the praying kind you can pray I get one child to stop biting (even if it is in retaliation) and one child to control disruptions in school (even if it is before medicine kicks in). God will provide answers for us so for now I am just holding on. However, today, I am holding on by a thread!!!

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