Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Can't Keep Up

My sister in law asked me if I was going out of order in the alphabet and I said yes. But now I can't keep up with what letters I have used and I haven't used!! Oh well! Today is brought to you by the letter T. T for talking! T for talking too much!! The talking part is for Presley. I think she is officially talking. It only took almost 26 months. She has a speech therapist come to her daycare and work with her weekly. It is really paying off. She has a lengthy vocabulary now and is starting to put words together. It is so excited to see her develop like this! The talking too much one, well, that is my boy. He has been having a hard time in school keeping quiet when asked. I am hoping after today's doctor's appointment that will get better. As we were waiting for the doctor to come in the room I just gave it all to God. That is something we have done already but I gave the appointment to Him. Sort of like praying over your house or your kids as they sleep. I prayed over the doctor's visit! I feel like God has His hand in this and will bring it all together. I hope so, anyway, because it has been one rough ride.

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