Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today is brought to you by the letter A. A for Ava! A for Aunt. I love being an aunt. I got to hold baby Ava tonight while her mommy and daddy (attempted!) to play volleyball!! I guess I can't talk I am not playing!! Anyway, while she did get snatched from me a few times and she was asleep most of the rest of the time. It was still nice to have so aunt/Ava quality time! Now, let me use this blog for what it's purpose (if there is one) is for just a moment. I have to say that my life is living proof that as soon as you make a very strong commitment to doing the Lord's work Satan will attack at every crevice to get you away from that. Without going to deep into what should be personal I am a bit overwhelmed right now. I am feeling the tug of the enemy on my life, mostly not even on me personally. I want so badly to defeat this. I want to stomp on Satan's head and squish like I do the ant village that evades my house everyday. It is funny to me that we make choices for our life then further down the road we think that was a stupid choice. We want something different than what we have picked. You know, that whole the grass is always greener theory. To this theory I would like to say screw you! Oh, sorry, that was vulger! Don't make a choice for your life then turned down a curvy road and decide this is not for you. Be who you are and what you want to be and don't let anything keep you from that. I love that I have an identity. I know my identity is in Christ and no one can take me from that. Satan may try to disrupt anything that God has for me and my family but for me that means that I must have good things to do for Him and His kingdom. If not, why would Satan waste his time with me? I think I just ranted and I am not sure any of it made sense but I think I feel better!!!

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