Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today's letter is R. Because I got a call from Vanderbilt Genetics with the results of P's testing. If you remember, she was tested for Noonan's syndrome which came back negative! Praise the Lord! One of the other tests they ran was called a chromosome micro array. They basically evaluate each chromosome and make sure there are no abnormalities. Well, the results of that were not as encouraging but not necessarily discouraging either. They found extra material on the long arm of the 17th chromosome. They did not give me any indications as to what that meant, gotta love that! They said they wanted to test both D and I to see if that is the case for one of us as well. That will tell us if she inherited this or if it is a new defect. If you research this abnormality you find that there are a lot of conditions that this could cause, or it could cause nothing. Some of the symptoms are short stature, developmental delay, and cardiac defects. All things P has or had. I am not and have not been concerned about any of these tests or findings. I know that my girl is wonderfully and fearfully made. I am curious to know what our results look like and what (if anything) would be done after seeing our results. I am just not in any hurry to get this blood work done! We are so busy right now that if we try to cram another thing in we will most likely lose our minds, or what is left of them.

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