Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday and Sunday

H!! I am combining these two days for one reason...they are running together!! We were at the ballpark yesterday. We had concession stand duty from 9-1, Triston had pictures at 1:45 and a game at 3:00. We finally left the park at 5:00. We were starving, sun burnt, and hurting all over. We stood the whole time we were there and didn't realize until we left! Wow! My feet could sure use a rub down. Today we started a new class at church and it started at 8:00. Then we went to our normal service at 10:00. After church we got our grocery shopping done and came home and crashed. Now, we are not physically hurting but hurting from such a busy week, yes! We have just been non stop all week and we spend today just recovering. Thank God for a day of rest!!

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