Monday, November 7, 2011

Under Pressure

It is nice to be wanted and all but all this pressure to write a new blog post has got me under writer's block! I have plenty of things to write about with the busyness of my life but none of it seems blog worthy. I guess it will have to do since my dad won't leave me alone about it!!! Did any of you see him call me out on Facebook about it?! I will get him back for that!!

So, what is new around is, well, everything. As you know the hubs started school and we are currently living the adjustment period. I wonder if we will ever get adjusted. We are the couple that does most everything together. We are used to being on the same schedules and spending all of our time with each other. That isn't happening so much now. He goes to school each day and works afterwards, either in the evening or in the middle of the night. That was his choice so that he could get some quality time with the kids and I. Those nights aren't so bad except for the sleep part. He works until 1:30 a.m. then still has to get up for school the next day. The adjustment in that area has been quite difficult.

Otherwise, we tricked and treated on Halloween, my little Dorothy and my too-cool-to-dress-up-ten-year-old-who-only-wore-a-mask! Presley sang, "I got candy" up and down the street!! She was much more into it this year than she was last year. That made it more fun!!

Triston started basketball practice two weeks ago and that has taken up our Saturdays. I like basketball as a sport for him. It is high energy and constant pace which works well for him. The only negative is that it is very up close and personal. If he were to have one of his moments of rage the closest person to him is in for it! Not a good recipe!!

As for me, I am trying to jump start my Scentsy business and each opportunity I find seems to fail soon thereafter. I am not discourage (to the point of giving up anyway) about it. I am just going to keep it up and hope for the best. God brought us to this and He will lead us through it. But here are some really cool products from Scentsy that I have come to love!!

The plug-in warmer...

The premium holiday warmer...

And, my favorite, the Scentsy buddy (you pick a scent and it goes inside the stuffed animal and makes it smell yummy)...

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