Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'd Pick You

Dear precious chosen child,

When we become parents we dream of what our child will be like. We think about the color their eyes might be or the shape of their nose. We talk about our goals for that child and give our all for everything they want.

Most parents don't get to hand pick what their child will be like though. Sure, we can dream. But it isn't really up to us! Not for me, my dear.

I have this child and I picked him! I would pick him again ten times over!!

That child is you.

There is an unconditional love that parents have for their children. I love you like that. There is a joy and pride that comes with parenting a child. I have that joy for you. I overflow with pride for you, my son.

You aren't just my son. You are more special than that even. I pray you know that every day!

You have no idea the amount of prayer that has gone up for you. God created you very special and I get to watch Him work through you!

I could not be more thankful that God placed you in my life and me in yours. He sure knew what He was doing. Because if I had the chance to hand pick a son, I'd pick you!!

I love you and am so very proud of the decision you made today.


Beth (the second mom God gave you!)

Sunday October 23, 2011 Triston accepted Christ at Northridge Church/The Backyard Kids with Pastor Gary Smith!!

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