Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Mountain Moved

I had a rare occurrence today. I sat in church service by myself. That doesn't happen much but it is amazing where you mind goes when you have no one to talk to or distract you or entertain you. So, during praise and worship I began praying for God to just pour His love into me and speak His words on my heart. Well, wouldn't you know, He did! Our praise team sang the song Might to Save by Laura Story. It is a very powerful song. But the part that got me was when it says, "He can move the mountains". And in that one phrase God told me He moved mountains in my life. I have no doubt in my mind that He will continue to do so.

I met my husband nine years ago. I had just graduated high school and was starting my first semester at college. My parents were, quite honestly, less than thrilled about my courtship with Daniel. He had a history. He had a troubled past and it was not over when we met. He was living it. Therefore I was living it. I knew in my heart of hearts that the man I met had changes coming and the life he led was not the life he was destined for. We made it through, literally, hell in the first few years. And sure enough I started seeing changes in him that I had prayed about for a very long time.

One thing has always bothered my husband even through all the growth God has brought to him. See, he never graduated high school and never attended college. He did receive his GED in 2005 but has done nothing further. God has always blessed us with jobs and provision for our family. But Daniel's heart was never settled in those jobs. They were clearly "just jobs". Recently we felt a stirring that we couldn't deny. God was at work. Daniel and I started discussing options for his future. School came up but was dismissed due to lack of funds and time. But during a simple haircut at our local barber shop Daniel got the word!

A friend that is his barber planted the seed and it blossomed. We began to research local barber schools and felt as if we were striking out. One day I was at a store that I don't normally shop and heard a rare commercial for a barber shop in the area. It was as if God was doing the commercial, loud and very clear. I told Daniel about it and we both sort of wrote it off. As we continued to talk about this the question of work came up. What would he do part time to supplement the income? I mentioned a friend that has some connections with a shop that he might could do part time work at. That very night I mentioned that friend he called Daniel. Hello! Does God need to smack us again? However that particular lead did not pan out. But what God had in store was even better...isn't it always!! So, we continued going through the doors that were opened. We toured a school, applied for funding, and we said, "if God funds us then it's for real". Well, He funded us...and then some!!!!

I think it is for real, ya'll. Come this Tuesday my husband will be attending school to receive his master barber certificate. Girls, that means he can wax my eyebrows and give me a mani and pedi!! He will be able to do it all! I will be spoiled, that's for sure!

So, did God move mountains or what? I am so excited for this venture. It will be an adjustment with different work times and all but God is giving Daniel something he has never had, a purpose in his work life.

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