Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Drum Roll Please

I spoke with my doctor's nurse yesterday to get the results of my glucose tolerance test and the results from my second ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. Talk about suspenseful!! So, the results go a little something like this: The glucose test was out of four readings I had one high reading. The second hour after drinking the sugary drink my blood sugar was 156. That is a little high. After three hours my blood sugar was 121. That level is okay. So, because I only have one high reading I am "okay". I do not have gestational diabetes. YAY!! I just need to watch the amount of sugar I intake (easy for them to say).
Then the results from my ultrasound were the same, sweet music to my ears! The aorta was there and functioning properly. Also, the radiologist was able to make sound measurements of her skull and they are normal as well! I am so thrilled that both of the tests turned out with not just good but fantastic results! So, now that I can stop stressing those things I will start to count down the days until Presley gets here! That would be twelve weeks and counting!! So, next is the Rhogam injection (for the different blood types) on Thursday. I am not, by the way, looking forward to that.

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