Sunday, December 7, 2008

Deserving Win!!

Well, once again I am proud to write about a winning team!! The WHMS boys played across town rival PMS Thursday night and they were able to put another one in the victory column. I think these guys are really starting to learn how to play as a team and use each other's assets to win ball games. I saw some guys play better than I have seen them play all year. They all hustled their lil hearts out and that is what counts.

The breif synopsis goes like this: The panthers pulled out ahead early and we did not get our heads down. We started passing to our big guy under the basketball for some 2-pointers in the 1st quarter. He played exceptionally well and I think he liked being trusted to put some points on the board! Then we gained the lead and stuck with it for the rest of the game. After PMS (I just realized how funny that is!!!) started defending our big guy underneath a little tighter we pushed the ball out to one of the most aggressive players we have. He has been kind of timid all year but really came out of that Thursday night. He had a total of 18 points that night. After halftime, the panthers started kicking the ball out to their go to guy. #24 was an excellent 3-point shooter. And we had a hard time defending that. But thumbs up to the effort on defense outside the key! Those guys are little but they will defend anyone they must. All that to say the blue devils deserved this big win and they were all smiles afterwards, including their coach!!

I am excited about the game Monday night because we play the other team that we beat early in the season. I hope we can come out and show those boys what we are made of! Good luck guys and congrats Brian on that cheap birthday present for mom!!

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