Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Down the Drain...

Well, this morning was a big, huge, ginormous day and it all went down the toilet..literally! I had my appointment this morning for my glucose tolerance screening. This one takes three hours and you are required to drink double the amount of the nice sugary drink. Oh, and did I mention you can't eat from dinner time the previous night to the time you are done with the appointment?! So, I prepared myself mentally and physically for this appointment. And I prayed until I could not pray anymore that my blood sugar would be normal. Well, I guess God is not ready for us to know the answer to that yet. This is how the morning went...

1. Got to my appointment on time (Go me!!!)

2. Paid my monthly payment to my ob (She needs to have a Christmas, too!)

3. The lab technician called me back (Elizabeth O'Neil...I know it sounds so grown up and professional!

4. She explained to me that she was going to take my base line (assumingly that meant she is taking my blood before I put anything in my system.) So, she did! The first of so many little pricks!

5. She gave me my lovely drink (lovely, not so much...but I was so hungry and so thirsty I got it down pretty well!)

6. I finished my drink at 8:10. So, she explained to me that we will be taking blood at 9:10, 10:10, and 11:10. (Good thing I brought a good book.)

7. I went out to the waiting room to...well, wait!

8. 8:50 a.m. I felt it. It was the lovely drink telling me it wanted to come back up. It was bad enough going down, seriously?!

9. Off I went/ran to the bathroom to revisit the lovely drink.

10. I shamefully walked back into the lab to let her know that I no longer had the drink in my system.

11. My doctor then came in to give me my options...the first being that I can come back for yet another three hour appointment and take medication for nausea prior to and have someone drive me; then the second being that I have my finger pricked for my next three visits.

Well, I am thinking the latter of the two sounded better than my experience today. But she is the doc and advised we try this process one more time. So, I will do what she says and try this again. I have rescheduled my next glucose tolerance screening for Friday morning. Keeping all extremeties crossed that the medication helps and I can drink the drink and keep it down the whole three hours AND my blood sugar levels are right where they need to be!!! Until then, I am stuffing my face (with healthy foods of course!).

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