Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My New Toy!!

I am so, super pumped!! Daniel and I got a couple of gift cards to get ourselves something for Christmas. We had quite a time trying to figure out what to buy. We thought maybe we should buy a new computer chair or a new mailbox or just some odds and ins. But then it dawned on us...we are using a digital camera that is from the 1980's. We need a new camera!! Our first attempt failed miserably as they were completely out of all of their stock. So, we traveled to yet another store and we were much luckier there! We found ourselves a nice digital camera. And this one is made in the new millennium! Lord knows we are going to be taking some pictures come about March so, I am just thrilled that we decided to do this. I can't wait to discover all the features of my new toy!! Thanks to those who enabled us to purchase this!!

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