Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's the Litte Things

These are the things that are annoying me right now...

The overflowing dirty clothes hamper along with never ending folding and putting away of clean clothes. Not to mention the sheets and towels.

The Direct TV receiver in my bedroom blinking that stupid little blue light for the last two days. Plus the fact that it means it is not working and I can't watch my TV.

The fact that the new bike I got won't fit the seat for Presley to ride on. And the other seats cost more than this one and so, now what?!

How about the whole leaving one church and going to another therefore losing your core group of friends (or at least the closeness). On top of knowing that your husband is going on yet another four wheeling trip in two months before I could even squeeze a trip of my own in.

Possibly the most important (and the reason why these things are annoying me) is that my sleep has been interrupted, at best, every night for the last two weeks. Dog barking, husband snoring, toddler awaking (and screaming and totally flipping out), thunder, aforementioned blue, blinky light, and child with headache/eye ache. Just to name a few.

Maybe it's that in order to have a girls night out you have to first have the girls part.

I think I hear my Bible calling me name. Some encouragement from the Lord will make this go away!

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The Writer Chic said...


You can NOT write posts like this and just toss them out to blog land! If you're missing us, then reach out to us!

You know where I am. The one who doesn't work. The one who can meet you pretty much any day for lunch.

I miss you, too. And I'm. And I hate that you are sad... =(

But I do also think that it's neat that we both wrote blogs today with the same title, even though the content was different. =)