Friday, October 31, 2008

Our President Should be...

Yesterday, I was cleaning out Triston's binder from school and found a paper he had written about characteristics our president should have! Intrigued, I began to read the five sentences that my creative step-son wrote! In the very middle it ready, "Our president is a very special person." He is so right about that one. Next he wrote, "Our president should be a nice person." Another true comment. He is so brilliant!! Thirdly he wrote, "Our president should be responsible." Ok, we are still working on the real meaning of responsible but we are getting there!! Then he wrote, "Our president should not be a liar." Oh, if we could only get that out of our politicians!!! And lastly, and my personal favorite he wrote, "Our president should not be a drug seller!!" Like I said before he is just so brilliant!! I could not help but get a good laugh and continue to get a good laugh out of that one!

On another note, since my "brilliant step-son" would not let me take pictures of him at the Trail of Treats last night I will just show you the picture of our award-winning pumpkin we carved! And when I say we I mean my hubby!! And when I say award-winning I mean we think it is the best!!!

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