Thursday, February 19, 2009


I cannot totally go into what I mean by the title but take it as literal as you can. I have a friend...that is what your supposed to say when you want people to think you are talking about someone else but you are really talking about yourself right...well my friend constantly is doing things the right way. I mean honest and fair. But let me just tell you my friend cannot catch a break. Things are always coming back and biting my friend in the rear. I guess it's just not fair. I know, I know life isn't fair. But why live your life honestly and the "right" way if you are always going to get hell in return. I am not sure it is worth it. So much for happy-go-lucky posts and life is wonderfully great...becuase, honestly, it is not always wonderfully great. Sometimes life just sucks even when you are doing things the way your supposed to.

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debmoore said...

Tell your "friend" that this is only true if the outside result is what really counts to you . . . oops, I mean her. If knowing that she did the right thing and ultimately the only thing her conscience would allow her to do is all she needs, then everything becomes a win with her right action alone and regardless of the outward appearance of a "result."
It may be true that only the honest get screwed. But, then again, sometimes only the screwed get honest.