Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feverish and Frantic

It was 12:00 A.M. central standard time. I was awakened by a small whimper, followed by a increasingly louder cry. I knew the cry from experience. It was a wide awake cry. It was a painful cry. So, I found my way down the hallway to the nursery. I went to retrieve my baby girl. Upon retrieval? Complete shock!

It actually hurt me to touch her. She was fiery hot. So hot, that even at midnight, I had to check to see what her temperature was. My lethargic little girl lay on her changing table and waited with me for the results. The beep sounded and there it was. If I had not seen it with my own two eyes I would still not believe it, 104.3. Her neck burned as it laid on the crease of my arm while I tried to feed my snotty nose baby.

The bottle didn't last long because she just couldn't breathe. So, I did as I have been doing the last few days, I laid her burning hot head on my shoulder and rocked her back to sleep. As I rocked, it broke my heart just feeling the heat coming from her, now, 13 pound body. So, I did as any mother in this situation would do. I began to pray.

I begged God to heal her. I pleaded with Him to protect her. I found myself wanting to reason with Him. "God you brought her through open heart surgery. She is Your child but give me more time to grow with her and learn with her. God heal her and protect her."

As I prayed it dawned on me. This is a "mother's prayer". Simple but sincere. Strong but vulnerable. Selfless but selfish. I wished and still wish for Presley to feel better. To not have pain or suffering. Just like my mom has done and still does for me, her only daughter. So, no, there is no more fever of 104 but, Lord please heal her and protect her.

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Sara said...

Cold & flu season can end now, please!!! I just went through this the other night with my 3 year old on top of all the other junk going on with my little girl. :( I hope P is feeling much better now & that mama got some good sleep!