Sunday, February 14, 2010

One, little...Two, little...Three, little O'Neils!!

It has not quite been a year since delivering my first bundle of joy. And as you know, the past year has been an adventure of sorts. We have survived more than we ever imagined possible. And now, we have a new adventure to embrace.

We are expecting, again!

I am, officially, 6 weeks and 2 days. My due date is set at October 9, 2010.

Why is this such an adventure, you ask?

Well, where should I begin? How about the fact that we are in a 90 day period prior to getting any kind of health insurance. The fact that we still have a rather large hospital bill to pay for open heart surgery. What about us only having 3 bedrooms in this house, and I do not like the idea of putting two little ones in a room together only to wake each other at every possible moment. Can you guess that we would have a hard time footing the bill for 3 kids in daycare. Looks like one of us will need to stay at home. Well, I won't continue to wear you down with all my worries. I just thought you would like a peek inside my mind!

All in all, we are ecstatic. I mean how could we not be? We are blessed that God is granting us with this gift. And honestly, we know He will provide. He has thus far and He will continue to. We are resting and trusting in His desire and commands. So, hang on this could get chaotic (but we LOVE chaos)!!!!

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The Writer Chic said...

Honey, I wrote the book on chaos, and I'm your corner. You're gonna be FINE. ;)