Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hours of Darkness

It is like I see the world around me crashing
I can feel the pressure starting to build
There is no one to help me
No one to run to

Gloom and misery are all around
I feel my heart fill with hate and bitterness
I wish it would fade away but it won't
It burrows a path in my being and intends to stay

When will the darkness subside
Will joy ever reside in my heart again
I wish I could close my eyes and it would all disappear
But each passing day only brings more struggles

The "what ifs" and "how comes" haunt my every hour
Only to leave me feeling suffocated and alone
It seems nothing will ever be the same
It seems nothing will ever be good

1 comment:

Jessi Knack said...

I am so sorry! I don't know what to say... but I am here if you ever want to talk or cry. I am praying for you.