Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Just The Way It Is

I know you don't want to hear my sob story about why I don't have time to write a single blog post these days. But just to give you an overall summary of life around here...

Presley had yet another procedure done, tubes in her ears.

Triston is starting fall baseball and winding down the summer.

Daniel is about to turn 32 big ones and taking on all kinds of new hobbies (thanks Jim and Andy).

And, me, well I am just following them all around with tissues to wipe their snotty noses and food to hand them when they whine! That is when I am not at work, which feels like all the time.

If you think I have abandoned my blog you should see my house!! But if you come see my house please help me clean it while you are here! The dishes are starting to climb the wall and possibly getting higher than the laundry.

My sleep has been, well, nearly non-existent lately. That makes for a very cranky momma, too. I am realizing how important sleep is in your everyday life. I can barely stand the sound of Presley's whines because my nerves are not rested and relaxed like they should be. Triston's constant noises are like nails on a chalkboard to me. If I could cut my ears off, I believe, I would. But here I am whining and crying when I should be finding the joy in my life. I think the joy in my life is sleep!! And maybe when I find sleep I will dwell more on my joy!!

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Ronica said...

Every mom understands exactly how you feel. It is so important to have a network of "mom friends" to lean on when you are feeling stressed. Take the kids to a friends or grandma's for a few hours and nap. Don't clean, nap. After your nap, eat chocolate. Things will seem more manageable then :)