Monday, October 4, 2010

Generations of Breast Cancer Awareness

You may or may not have known anyone that has ever had/has breast cancer. I will be quite honest that up until a month ago I was very negligent of the issue. I knew it existed and I knew it was serious but I didn't put forth any effort in awareness. A month or so ago my friends at church started a team for the Susan G. Koman walk that is next week (in Tennessee). The nursery coordinator at the church has breast cancer. She is a fighter and an incredible woman! She gave her story that morning and I.was.moved. Since then, I learned that Daniel's aunt's cancer started as breast cancer. She passes away about 5 years ago. Her name was Beth and she was a dental about friends-at-first-sight! I loved her and miss her greatly.

Let me get to the point. Yesterday we went to the Titans vs. Broncos game. Most of the players were sporting pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month. That's this month, ya'll. I was beyond inspired. I am not a big "pink" girl. I have a few things I will portray this month. But my baby, she has more pink than you could imagine. And this month she is going to wear pink everyday! This momma is going to make sure that we show our support to our friends and family that have survived, are living with, or have gone on from breast cancer.
I posted something about this on Facebook yesterday and I have two of my friends joining me. You can too, if you feel so led. Our plan is to get our three girls together for a photo op of our "generations of breast cancer awareness". My plan is to take a picture everyday of my pink Presley and post it here. You may get sick of me, Presley or her pink after this month but it's for a good cause!!
Day 1


Sara said...

I do not support the SGK foundation (long political story that I'm sure you don't want to hear) but I DO support breast cancer awareness. You go girl! I can't wait to see Miss P in all her pink glory. I might have to pack something extra pink for Seth's birthday party. :D Great idea with the picture!

The Writer Chic said...

You go, girl!