Monday, February 28, 2011

The Odds and Ins

Holy moly, I have a two-year-old!! When did that happen? Must have happened when I wasn't blogging!! Yeah, I know I have been, um, quiet lately. I am sure you haven't noticed.
I mean what can I say, we have had lots going on.

I do, now, have a big girl and not a baby. She still seems so baby-ish to me. Mainly because she doesn't talk and, well, I still have to change diapers; and the fact that she only weighs 19 pounds which most 1 year olds beat! Other than that she is a big girl! And...she is sleeping in a big girl bed now! Well, only last night but still she made it a whole night. She fell out of the bed (we assume) once. We had just put Triston down and he yelled at us, "what was that noise". We didn't know but we heard her crying so we figured it was thud from her hitting the floor. I laid her back down and she snoozed the rest of the night. Tonight she went down even better. I will maybe cry one tear for her growing up too fast. But for the most part I love this age. She is so much fun and she just makes me happy.

Speaking of making me happy, Triston...well, that is a touchy subject these days. You all know that my kids are equal in my book. I birthed one but not the other. I love them both the same though. I discipline them both the same as well. And lately disciplining has been a challenge with T. Bless his heart (it's a southern thing, ya'll), he is the sweetest thing this side of the Mississippi but he struggles so much in so many areas. Lately, it has been grades, controlling some anger outbreaks, and shushing when told to shush! Ok, really, what kid shushes on command?! I know mine isn't the only one!! But grades, ugh grades. Why do I feel like I am the one in 4th grade? If I could be a fly on the wall in that classroom all my problems would be solved. I would know everything the teacher said to do and I would be able to bring all the info home! But I can't do that so it is up to him to do so. Not a success!! How do you a get a boy, who will one day become a man, to get all the information transferred from one place to another in it's entirety when so many things happen between point A and point B to make him forget. I pray for his future wife!! I do not have the answer to this yet. I will let you know if I figure it out but, I wouldn't hold my breath!

Speaking of husband will be doing so a lot better soon. He is currently having allergy shots done weekly. He is allergic to the strangest things, like cockroaches and tobacco! Anyway, he is also having a deviated septum surgically repaired this week. I am so excited (insert sarcasm) to care for him as my patient. I will admit compassion is not my strong point! But I am hoping his pain meds are strong enough for me to knock him out and have some peace and quiet!! Wishful thinking, I'm afraid.

Other than these, pretty major, things there is still church, baseball, work, grocery-ing, doctor's appointments, loving on my neice (that's a fun one!!), men's conferences, marriage conferences, ailing stomachs (boo, virus), and daily woes that come and go! I must be thankful though. I am living, breathing, and praising everyday!

If only I had more time to blog!!!

How did I get so lucky?!!

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