Friday, December 30, 2011

Satan and his lies

Sometimes I think about the place that God has us right now and I have all the wrong emotions. I will stir up jealousy, envy, doubt and so on. I have to remember that those things are lies from Satan. He tricks us oh so well. The truth is God brought us here for a reason and a purpose. Although I may feel like friendships were taken from us, that's not the case. He is only bringing us those true friendships that He has formed. I find myself very thankful for God's omnipotence. I am glad He has the answers that I don't. Most of all, I'm glad I have the faith to trust Him in all of this. I am thankful for friends near and far but I am abundantly grateful for a new found friend that God designed! And, Satan, your lies are not welcome here. I will rejoice in what I have not what I thought I had.

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