Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life as Usual

Well, after days and days of being out of routine, I think we are finally getting back to life as usual. It has been kind of crazy around our house and this 8 month pregnant mom has felt the affects of it. So, Friday Triston was out of school because it was too cold. He was pumped about that but we had to rearrange things.

Then, Saturday we spent the whole day cleaning. Yes, I cleaned for about 8 hours. I felt fine while I was busy cleaning. But once I stopped...I hurt, BAD.

Then Sunday was another day of non-stops. We went to church, then to lunch, then to the store. I did get an hour or so of rest before we were off to our small group meeting that evening.

I had pretty much already decided that Monday was going to have to be a rest day for me. My company does not see MLK Day as a holiday so I took it upon myself to take it as a holiday!! I stayed in bed all day long. By the time, Daniel and Triston got home I felt much better!! I am sure they were as happy about that as I was.

On top of all of that, we have been painting Triston's room. And when I say we, I mean my mother-in-law! So, that has thrown us all into a frenzy. Triston's room has been torn apart since Saturday. He has been sleeping on the couch which he loves but he can hear every noise and that keeps him from sleeping well. And that makes for some rough early mornings! I am so, so ready to get his room back in order tonight and get him sleeping in his own bed again. So, the second my clock turns to 4:00 I will be out of here and on my way home to get things back to normal!!

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