Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who Likes Mornings Anyway?!

I think the rest of my family planned to play a game with me this morning. It was called..."Let's see who can be the most difficult". Why they did this to me I have no idea but it sure was fun (sarcasm intended).
First, Triston did not want to wake up. But once he did the madness began. Let's see he spilled his water on his new Idog. I left the room to prepare his breakfast and heard what I thought was the dog whining. I was wrong, it was Triston whining. He was doing this because his jeans were too tight. Which, of course, was a really easy fix with the adjustable waistband and was not reason to whine. So, after telling him next time he has a problem like that to just come to me and say can you help me fix my pants, I left the room yet again. I then heard, whining. Again?? Come on!! So, I go back in there to ask what the problem was this time and he ignored me. That was probably not his best choice. We will just say that he is very lucky he did not get a mouth full of vinegar this morning. So, he finally gets in there to eat breakfast and what happens...he spills the milk from his cereal! Yeah, I know, you wish you were me.
Well, I did survive getting Triston out the door to school. The next step was to get me out the door. I was doing a good job of that when all of the sudden I hear gagging. This time it was the dog. He was two seconds from throwing up his bone all over my floor. I rushed him out the door to save my rug from complete nastiness! At this point, I gave up. I half packed my lunch and half fixed my coffee and left. I still made it to work on time (that is 15 minutes late!).
I am still not sure who won the game of who can be the most difficult. I would say that I won because I did not crack...totally!!! Well, maybe just a little bit!

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Deb said...

I hear you on the Triston whining thing. I can't TELL YOU how many times I have talked to him about using the right tone of voice (either not whining or not smartass). Probably 20 times, and that was just this past weekend!