Monday, May 4, 2009

Say what???

Ok, let me get this straight...I am supposed to take care of a two-month-old, an almost 8 year old, the dog, the house, my husband and all his endeavors, baseball, doctor's appointments, and myself?! You must be crazy!! Oh, and apparently finding time to blog is out of the question!! So, it has been a bit of an adjustment. I must say it is well worth all the chaos and sleeplessness!! This is an update and a shot in the dark that I might get back in the habit of blogging!! Don't hold your breathe!
We will start with me, since I am usually the last one to think of myself. As it should be no surprise I have very little news of my own. Other than I am in desperate need of a hair cut and color!!! Yeah, my whole world is in the hands of my two kids, which is alright with me!
So, here is what you really want to know...
Triston is almost 8!! Holy crap...that is unbelievable. That cute little 2 year old that used to call me "that girl" and would literally not be out of his dad's arms when I was around is about to turn 8. I cannot get over it. He is such a big helper these days. I tell him I don't know what I would do without him. He is finishing up his baseball season. He has done excellent this year. No more poor sportmanship...that has been a long time coming! He has come a long way. He did have a little head on collision with a team mate a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty busted up but pulled through it like a trooper. We are going to try something new this year and let him stay home this summer with me. I am sure we will have a blast!!
And then there is Presley. She has been the one keeping me the busiest. She is a whopping 10 weeks old now and only two pounds bigger than what she was when she was born. And knowing what we know now we need her to grow. We went for her two month shots and found out she has a heart murmur. We went to the cardiologist and were shocked to hear she has ventricular septal defect (a hole in her heart). It is 8-9 mm which is not small but not large. It is too early to say if she will need surgery or not. The doc wants her to eat more and grow so that her heart will grow and the hole will close up. He has her on a water pill in hopes that that will help her eat more. So far she has not improved in that sense. She takes a really long time to drink anywhere from 2-3 ounces. She has about 11 ounces to gain by next week or the doctor will have to take further steps to get her to gain weight. He may up her calories or give her another dosage of the water pill. So, for now we wait! We PRAY! And we love on her!! She is not in any pain and I think that helps me more than anything to not worry too much. I know that God has this under control and He will heal her in whatever way necessary. Until then, she will continue to cheer her brother on in baseball and keep wrapping herself around her daddy's finger!!
Speaking of her daddy, he keeps himself busy as well. He is holding down two jobs and walks around with the bare minimum of sleep. I get to help him with his paper route every once in a while. Believe it or not we make it pretty fun! He got to go ride his four-wheeler at a track not to long ago and he was like a kid in a candy store. He rode for 7 hours and was beat when he got home. But I suppose it was well worth it!!
So, we are all still alive and kicking (some of us more than others). We are just taking it one day at a time and enjoying every minute of it.

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