Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Waiting Game

Well, today was our second visit with the cardiologist. Presley liked this visit better as they did not have to take as many vitals as last time. They took her blood pressure and that was the hardest part! So, by this visit Dr. M wanted her to be nine pounds. Well, Dr. M keep wishing! She had not budged from her previous weight. She was still eight pounds five ounces. On a positive note...she did not lose! However, I heard more concern from him than the last time. He was discourage in that she had not gained like we hoped. So, the game plan is as follows...up the diuretic to three times a day, give her a potassium supplement twice a day, and up her calories to twenty-four calories per ounce. She is really only taking about an ounce each feeding right now. So, we are trying to get her to get more calories when she eats. We would like for he to take more ounces at each feeding as well. We would really, really like to see her take her bottles faster and not struggle so much. But hopefully, that will come in time. We go back to him in two weeks to do another echo and see if the hole has decreased at all despite her not growing. I will not indulge my thoughts in the negatives and what-ifs. To sum those up the next step would be a feeding tube then surgery. Again, I am just trying to be positive and trust in my Maker!! He has it under control.
I must say, though, that Tris has been doing exceptional lately. He got the second game ball of the season tonight and was so proud of himself! Tomorrow is "Popcorn with Publishers". This is where the students have written a story and are reading them aloud to their classmates and parents. I am so excited to hear him do this. Second grade has been the he tells me!!!

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