Monday, November 23, 2009

Pictures Would Be Nice

Let's not waste anytime here. We all knew this year would be better. The last few years we have seen it on the horizon but there was still something missing. Well, this year, we found it. Our Middle Devil's have stepped out on the court and gave us that missing link. 2-1 is where we stand and it is gonna get better.

Our...let me just explain that I include myself because I am part of the team. Well, unofficially I am! My brother (aka Uncle Buck) is the head coach of our middle school boy's basketball team. I wish I could tell you how many years he has been in this position but, frankly, I don't know! Sorry, Brian. So, as I was saying, our first game was Monday a week ago and we played one of the toughest teams in the county. They have all-around good athletes and these guys came out looking like high school kids. They were tall. We played them hard and came up short on the score board.

Secondly, we played another big-name basketball team in a nearby town and they are always well-rounded on the court. This time we played our hearts out and came out on top. The boys were proud of their accomplishment but still had some work to do.

So, that gets us to tonight. We played one of the top teams around. I can recall all of our games against The Cougars being really intense. Most of them leaving us with our head's hanging. This time we showed them what we were made of. I have to admit I got there late but when I saw the scoreboard I was beyond impressed. It read 27-8. And it did, indeed, get better. The final time I read the scoreboard it read 48-29. I mean the hustle I saw in these boys was incredible. And that is one thing that you can't coach. These boys know what they want and they go for it. I have seen a lot of good games out of the Middle Devils but tonight stood out as the best. And the coach had to say this, "I could not be happier with them right now." Ha, he didn't know I was gonna quote him!

As the title of the post says a few pictures would have been nice. But did I mention that I was toting a 9 month old (as of today!!) with all her belongings *read...junk* with no help from a husband! A camera was not on the list of things to take with me. But next time I will do better, I promise.

Go Middle Devils!

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