Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Have You Been Up To?

I know that is what you have been asking yourselves about us. We have been busy little bees. But for the first time in a month or so it has been a good busy, you know, all fun stuff!! Fun, fall stuff at that!!

The last few weeks have been full of parties and gatherings and events and treats!! My favorite...the treats, of course!!! To see one night of fun we had go here and then another night is over here. At least one of us had our cameras (and the time to write about our adventures)!

But I did take my camera with us to do some trick or treating Thursday night. We took the kids to the Trail of Treats that they do on the green way in town. This is the second year we have been and Tris loves it.

My brother and Presley...we have decided his name will be Uncle Buck!!
Triston and his scary ghoul costume
My lil' lady bug givin' her Bubba some suga!!
Daddy and our lady bug!
Aren't they just the cutest pair?!?!

Then on Saturday, Daniel and I met up with some friends and headed to Knoxville. We had a blast!! We ate and drove, and drove some more, and ate again, and watched the Vol Walk and the Pride of the Southland Band, and then it was game time!! Did I mention it was raining? Well, it was raining. (Even though the husbands who thought they were meteorologist said it wouldn't rain!!) But we survived it and we won, woohoo!!

Me and Daniel before having more food than we ever needed...thankfully, we walked it off!
Daniel liked what he was seeing!!
Our Vols were pumped!
Yes, we were wet and yes, we were cold...but we were smiling!!
They were really into it, huh?!

We arrived home pretty late from the game and hit the hay immediately. I am hoping that this week will give us some more rest than last week did.

However, I must admit I am a little nervous. I start my new job tomorrow. And I am not so worried about where I am working as much as I am actually performing to the best of my ability. Before leaving dentistry I was pretty good at my job. But it has been a year and a half and I am not so confident in my skill level. I am sure it will come back but it is nerve racking at this point. As far as leaving my old job, that wasn't so hard. I was chomping at the bit to get out the door on Friday and when I did I felt no regrets! I will miss the friendships I had with some of my coworkers but I am glad to get back to what I love! I will let you know how it goes.

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