Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watch Your Mouth!

*Disclaimer* There are religious/political views from others, not me, in this post that may or may not offend anyone who may or may not read this post. I just wrote it I did not say it. And for those of you who know me well, I did not write what I thought about the ones who said it or about what they said in general. Got all that. Okay, get on with reading!

I have every intention of revealing to you, my captive audience of five, my feelings and fears and what not of re-entering the dental field next week. But for now I will let you in on the woes of my corporate career that I encounter on a daily basis.

Like today when the talk of Chick-fil-a for lunch began brewing shortly thereafter began the talk of Chick-fil-a being closed on Sundays. I support Chick-fil-a for closing on the Sabbath and giving their employees the day to rest or worship or whatever is it they please. I did not vocalize my opinion. But in this vast pool of culture that I work in there are other opinions that began to surface. Like one who announced that he bans himself from supporting the fast food chain because they choose to close on Sundays. Or how about the one who said, "I cussed Jesus when I went to Chick-fil-a on a Sunday and found out they were closed." I am just going to move on from that comment and not even let you know what I thought about it! You can thank me later.

Then there was my superior who informed us that Catholics can "sin" so much because Jesus knows that they have it "right" and so He allows them to do those things without consequence (i.e. drink, smoke, cuss, kill, etc.). This is added to the fact that he constantly reminds us that the Catholics were, of course, the first Christians. So, you draw your own conclusions!

These are just two of the examples from today alone. Combine that bit of knowledge with the following idioms that are much more recurrent than the above...

Ol' Hook=the significant other

Um, well, as I sit here and think of the wild and crazy things I hear all day every day I think I should refrain from sharing them...in an effort to keep a PG rating!

I just feel it is appropriate to say...Watch your mouth!! But in this case, it would be a waste of time!

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