Friday, October 23, 2009

For the Last Eight Months

I always hear parents say they wish their child would stop growing so fast or they wish they could just freeze time. Wait. For. It. I am not one of those parents. I cannot tell you how excited I am that today my baby is 8 months old! I am equally excited that Triston and I carry on such adult conversations now that he is 8 years old! Don't get me wrong I love holding my baby girl and I know those days will be gone sooner than later. Trust me...I can't hold Tris anymore!

But how many happy dances do I do a day when I see Presley doing new things. Ya know, big girl things! It is not so much bittersweet for me. It is just plain-o sweet! Bring on the growing up. *Don't bring on the so-grown-up-I think-I know-everything though.*

So, as of today Presley...

~Is 8 months old.

~Weighs 12 pounds and 10 ounces and is 24 1/4 inches long.

~Has no teeth, but surely working on them.

~Has received her first haircut, but not professionally!

~Sits up on her own.

~Prefers solid food to a bottle anytime.

~Likes apple juice better than white grape juice.

~Would rather be in her walker than anywhere else so that she can throw all her toys on the floor.

~Only wakes up one time each night...hopefully that will change to zero times here soon!

~Laughs at everything her Bubba does and will not take her eyes off the dog!

Whachu lookin' at?

I'm always up to something!

Good night kisses!!

Wanna see my scar?!

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