Friday, October 23, 2009

Now, That's Just Being Greedy

This is exactly how the conversation went...

Me: I know it is so much better that Presley is only waking up one time a night but man am I ready for that first time she sleeps all the way through! It is still hard just to get up that once.

Daniel: Really, you think? At least it's not once every hour anymore.

Me: I know. I am just ready for a full night's sleep.

Daniel: Now, that's just being greedy!


Did my husband really just tell me that I am being greedy for wanting to sleep a full night's sleep? I know I didn't hear that right. He must have meant something else, right?! Because no one in their right mind would tell me, a sleep deprived mother, that she is being greedy for wanting more sleep!!!

I hope my sarcasm burst out of your screen! Because I know what he meant. He was trying to make me appreciate the fact that she is not waking up every hour on the hour. When this conversation actually took place I thought nothing of it. But as I was lying in bed that night (not sleeping) I started thinking about it and it dawned on me how silly his comment really was!!

So, let this be a lesson to all of you who do get to sleep the entire are being greedy!!!

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