Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin and My Punkins'

Fall is my favorite time of year. So many "greats" of fall! As I drive down the road I am just in awe of God's incredible creations that present themselves in fall. For me, seeing the orange and red leaves on the trees makes each day worthwhile. It is just bliss!

Speaking of bliss, tonight was full of it! We have so much fun when we carve our pumpkin each year. Granted Daniel does all the work with the knife but we still feel a part of it, even though we truly do nothing! Triston did help pick out the design this year. And he did a great job if you ask me! Presley got to see all the craziness and there is just no telling what she thought of it all.

I have to brag on my hubby's handy work. He did an amazing job! Didn't he?!

I have to also give props to the best pumpkin gutter there is...

Then of course there is our punkin' that is almost as big as the pumpkin (snotty nose and all)!!

And for memory sake, here is one of our past pumpkin creations with a lil' cutie posing!

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