Monday, June 7, 2010

Ask Us!!

Go ahead....ask us why we are this excited!!!!!

Well, if you must know, we got a text Friday that said this:

"Hey, Aunt Beth, could you babysit for us in about 10 months so we can get a night off?"

Translation: My brother and sis-n-law are expecting!!!!

Now, we joke and say things like, "Brooke, I wonder if you will get as big as Brian is!" and "Presley's nickname is Pookie so this baby's nickname will be Dookie!"

But this is truly an answered prayer. I remember telling my brother I was pregnant with Presley (two years ago) and his response being something like, 'Brooke will be jealous'. It was apparent to me that they had been trying to conceive as well.

Persistence pays! It is looking like lil' Wise will arrive in early 2011. They are already arguing over gender and names and all the fun stuff to predict and plan!

I am, seriously, jumping out of my skin over this. I have a niece and nephews on Daniel's side of the family but this is a first...a blood niece or nephew. And how exciting that he or she will be so close in age to Presley. And their birth days will be rather close as well.

So, bring on the baby-fun!!!

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Sara said...

Congrats, Aunt Beth! I'm jealous that I won't ever get that "blood" relation. I hope her pregnancy goes smoothly & happily!